Team Capacity Building

Teams and workgroups are often tasked with project development and goal achievement. When teams practice the concepts of team leadership, successful completion of goals is often attained. Aspects of team leadership include:

* Responsibility for group effectiveness is not on the leader's shoulders but is shared by the group;

* Control over the final decision is not held by the leader but is best left to the group;

* The importance of one's position and power are de-emphasized in team leadership;

* The leader perceives the group not as a set of individuals but as an "interacting and collective team";

* The task-oriented functions of the team are not performed by the leader but are shared by the entire group through its new roles;

* Group maintenance functions are not performed systematically but are emphasized and shared by the group as a whole;

* Socio-emotional processes and interactions are observed in team leadership; and

* Expression of members' needs and feelings are not discouraged within team leadership.


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